What is green web hosting and why should you use it in 2022?

When choosing a web hosting company, we consider how good a service the company offers, how cheap their service is, how easy it is to set up, but often we don't think about the environmental impact a web hosting company can have.
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The Internet is far beyond its old days and is growing exponentially at rates never seen before. User-generated content has been transformed into multiple multimedia formats, including plain text, audio and video, and takes up a lot of space. All this content is stored on servers located in data centers. In addition to the electricity used to run the servers, these huge data centers also spend a significant amount of energy on the cooling systems. While this energy is produced, it brings along an important CO2 release to nature.


All this content is hosted on servers which are located in data centers. These massive facilities sit in rows of servers that manage everything from corporate websites to personal blogs. These servers need to continue operating in cooled, controlled environments, so they require large amounts of energy and have a significant carbon dioxide (CO2) output. This makes them less than optimal for our environment.


Green data centers are increasing day by day. The more demand we users have, the faster companies can complete this transformation. Let this article serve a purpose and after reading it please check the server where your website is hosted.

What is green web hosting?

Green web hosting is a service provided by a significant number of companies in the UK where the data center only uses electricity from renewable sources while also aiming to minimize the amount of electricity consumed in the first place. An internet approach that considers the environment basically can be a good answer to the question of what is green web hosting.

Data centers that keep websites up and running can use large amounts of energy, often produced by burning non-renewable fuels that emit carbon and a host of other pollutants. Green web servers' data centers need to run entirely on renewable energy, and some data centers have been built from the ground up specifically with energy efficiency in mind. We call data centers that manage to keep carbon emissions below a certain level as green data centers.

The annual CO2 output of the Internet

We very rarely think about the real-world mechanics that run the online world, but the truth is that the internet is actually a carbon-emitting beast. Every website is hosted on a server in a data center that powers all the videos, apps and web pages we access. Each of these servers needs the energy to stay up, and hot servers need the energy to stay cool again. Unfortunately, as with most of the electricity produced, it is usually the result of burning fossil fuels.

The internet releases around 300m tonnes of CO2 a year – as much as all the coal, oil and gas burned in Turkey or Poland, or more than half of the fossil fuels burned in the UK

Around 300 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to every person in the UK flying to America and back twice over. (The Guardian)

All 31 million cars in the UK taking a road trip around the world;

A Boeing 747 flying to the moon and back 5,674 times. (Earth Times)

Is your web hosting is green?

If you're wondering if my web hosting is green or not; Imagine that your hosting company provides services with investment of green data centers, they will proudly tell you!

Being eco-friendly is often a significant cash investment for a web host, and you can be sure they'll let you know. While not all of them always show their Green certification, the amount of information they offer you about their green initiatives is often a reflection of their investment. With the spread of the concept of green hosting, websites where green hosting is listed and tools that can detect these hostings by IP numbers have also started to appear.

The Green Web Foundation

Green web foundation is an association that has been actively working on this issue since 2006. They have efforts to make the entire internet fossil-free by 2030, and they even created a mission map for a fossil-free internet.

A mission map for a fossil-free internet. (thegreenwebfoundation.org)

The Green Web Foundation offers hosting checking tool for free. You can access this tool by visiting the Green Web Foundation Website and check if your website is hosted in a green data center.

Website Carbon calculator


A very successful website that approaches this topic by designing a fun tool. Using this tool, you can estimate how much carbon your website consumes. You can understand this better with comparisons.

Why should you use green hosting?

Currently, businesses and consumers alike around the world are starting to lean more towards a green solution in the hope that one day we will reduce CO2 emissions so we can live in harmony with our world. We are currently polluting much more than we are compensating for, and therefore we are on the wrong track.

As a web developer or website owner, you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and help us all walk in the right direction. Change has to start somewhere and if just switching to a green energy-powered server can make a difference then it's worth it. Don't think about what a website changes. No matter how much the green hosting demand is expressed by the website owners, the hosting companies will not hesitate to invest in this issue in order not to lose their clients.

Get started with green web hosting.

The first step to getting started with green web hosting is intention. Please announce it after you have created your website on a green web hosting server. In 2022, there are still many website owners who are unaware of the concept of green hosting. A small badge that you add to your site will perhaps notify other website owners and help them to provide less carbon emissions.

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