How to add a favicon WordPress website?

Changing the favicon that appears next to your website's address or title is very easy. If you want to change the favicon in a WordPress website, follow the steps in this article.
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Favicon is the name given to the small icons that appear next to the name or address of the website. It helps you personalise your website. Think of changing favicon in WordPress as a small step towards making your website and therefore your brand's corporate identity consistent. The default blue WordPress logo is added as a favicon on WordPress websites. But changing the favicon in WordPress is very easy.

add favicon to wordpress

How to create a favicon for free?

Let's see how we can make a favicon. Let's say you have a logo with a name but it makes no sense to create a favicon of the words. Since the favicon will be very small, it will not be understood what the characters are. However, if you have a logomark or an icon that you use next to the logotype, you can make it a favicon. Long story short, I recommend making favicons for items that still express you and are obvious.

There are many free favicon generator websites available. These sites basically convert your logo to .ico format and shrink it. If you have a website that does not have a plugin for creating a favicon, you could do this with any favicon generator. There are many free plugins to generate favicons for websites.

3 Favicon generators for free

Many local and small business owners see digital marketing as unnecessary because they have a small workforce. However, the increase in demand creates an environment where sales prices can increase. In this way, businesses' investment in digital marketing can be much more profitable.

Add favicon to WordPress

add favicon wordpress

WordPress is a CMS with its own favicon creator. If you are using WordPress, you can create a favicon and change the default WordPress favicon without the need for any other plugin.

2 ways to change favicon WordPress without any plugins.

1. Select an older WordPress theme

The new WordPress themes do not have a customizer. That's why you need to activate the 2021 (twenty twenty-one) theme, which is the newest theme with the customizer. In this way, you can access the main site settings and easily change the favicon in the WordPress website

  • Click Themes under the Appearance menu
  • Click the blue Activate button that appears when you hover or click on the Twenty twenty-one theme box.
  • As soon as you activate the Twenty twenty-one theme, the customizer option will appear under the appearance menu. Click Customise from the left dashboard menu.
  • You can click on the Site Identity link from the menu on the left of the new screen and land on the area where we can install the site icon.
  • You can create your site icon by clicking on the Select site icon link or by dragging the image you want to make a site icon there.

The whole process is that simple. After adding the site icon, don't forget to save the change you made by clicking the blue Publish button at the top.

2. Convert the logo to a favicon in twenty twenty-three theme

In themes such as twenty twenty-two and twenty-twenty-three, there is an editor instead of a customizer. Creating a favicon with this tool is relatively difficult.

  • Go to pages from the left dashboard menu and create a new page with the add new option.
  • Click the blue plus button in the top left to view the blocks to add and select the site logo. (The site is located under the logo theme category, or you can find it by using the search bar)
  • Select the icon you want to add by clicking on the added site logo element. And your favicon has been added. Now you can remove the item you added if you want. Your icon will continue to appear until you change it.

Install the plugin to change favicon WordPress

If you have limited access to the customizer or editor, don't worry. Change favicon WordPress is also possible via a plugin. You can use the popular and free favicon generator plugin called RealFaviconGenerator.

You can download and install the plugin by clicking on the RealFaviconGenerator link below, or you can access the plugin with Plugins > Add new link in the dashboard of your WordPress website and install it by typing favicon in the search bar.

After installing the plugin, do not forget to activate it so that it can work.

5 Tips to add favicon to WordPress websites

Don't miss to read some tips to have a good effective favicon.

1. Use png images to create a favicon

PNG images can be transparent, the file type can hide the background. If you do not want the white background to appear in the different coloured tabs of the browsers, you should definitely use a png and a logomark or icon with a transparent background.

2. Do not leave any spaces around the icon

Since the favicon is displayed very small and it already has padding around it, the spaces you will leave will cause the icon to become smaller and more difficult to understand. The less space you leave, the more prominent your icon will be.

3. Keep the aspect ratio of the favicon as it is

If you do not want to greet your visitors with an icon that looks distorted as if it was pulled from right to left, keep the aspect ratio as it is.

4. Make sure your brand catches the eye immediately

Create an image as a favicon that will remind you of your brand, even in small sizes. Mostly, logos or parts of logos that can create a special perception for your brand are used as favicons.

5. Test your changed favicon

After adding the favicon, be sure to test it with different browsers and devices. Make sure it looks the way you want it to.

change favicon wordpress

Even though the favicon or the WordPress term site icon may seem like a small detail, it is an important detail that adds a corporate look and consistency to your brand. If your website does not have a favicon, make sure to add a favicon. If you have designed your website yourself, you can use the methods that explain how to add a favicon to a WordPress website, as described above. Even if you have worked with one of top WordPress web designers in the United Kingdom, do not deprive your website of the favicon by not telling them about it.

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